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Baby's First Journal - Green
Baby's First Journal has a new look!!

We have updated our well loved journal with a new look! We have kept everything the same inside with the only change being that there are now 10 weeks of tracking pages instead of 12. Thus the decrease in price for our customers.

Baby's First Journal is a well planned, logical bound notebook that helps parents keep track of the essentials in caring for baby - feeding, diapering and sleeping schedules as well as vitamins, bath and milestones/special moments - all in one place.
Our price: $12.99
Babysitter Notes
Keep caregivers informed of important details with this handy pad. Record information on how you can be contacted, alternate emergency contacts, as well as your children's requirements. Includes meal and bedtime instructions and an area to note allergens or medical requirements.

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Our price: $5.95