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Baby's First Journal - Green

Baby's First Journal - Green
"Baby’s First Journal was born out of the desire to bring a little calm to the chaos of having your first (or fourth) child. This extraordinary yet easy to use tool should be on every new moms list of essentials, right after diapers and milk!

Baby’s First Journal is a well planned, logical bound notebook that helps parents keep track of the essentials in caring for baby - feeding, diapering and sleeping schedules, vitamins and baths - all in one place. The Journal is a one-stop reminder, checklist, log - all rolled into one handy, convenient and stylish notebook. Logging this important information helps parents notice patterns in their child’s behaviors, making it easier to set schedules, plan outings and even increase sleep.

Baby’s First Journal is the perfect resource for parents to bring with to doctors appointments to ensure they are showing the most accurate information to health care professionals. Pediatricians strongly recommend parents record how often baby eats/pees/poops to ensure optimal health and growth for baby. It is also a useful tool for caregivers and parents to share information about the baby.

Each page has an area for jotting down notes to help remember those special moments during the first few months of your child’s life.


•5.5”x7.5” Journal – fits in diaper bag or purse
•10 weeks of logging pages to track baby’s feeding, diapering and sleeping
•Log both breastfeeding and bottle feeding
•Space to track vitamins, baths and special moments
•Easy to use and portable
•Includes a sample page for suggested use, growth log, and contacts page for important numbers
•Coil bound to lay flat for easy use
•Assists in developing a schedule for baby
•Useful in the early days to ensure baby is eating enough
•Handy for paediatrician visits
•Helpful for babysitters
•Made with Acid free paper with post consumer waste content

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